As I cleaned my kitchen this morning, I listened to my favorites station on Pandora--a station I created with all my favorite bands: Radiohead, Wilco, Crooked Still, The Weepies, Jenny Lewis, The Shins, The Decemberists, The Wailin' Jennys, etc. Suddenly I caught the faint sound of a melancholy acoustic guitar and beautiful female harmonies. The song playing was November by Azure Ray. The band was one of my favorites while in high school (they had a deal through Saddle Creek Records out of Omaha and I thought it was so cool that a band this beautiful could have ties to Nebraska; I'm not sure if they're still with the label)--I haven't heard them in quite some time. The song is beautiful and the lyrics are poignant. I played it at my last high school choir concert---all the seniors in jazz choir got to pick a solo song and sing it at our last performance for the year---I did this one. I barely made it through the song without choking up because it meant so much to me that year.

Here's a YouTube video with the song, and I've posted the lyrics below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

So I'm waiting for this test to end
So these lighter days can soon begin
I'll be alone but maybe more carefree
Like a kite that floats so effortlessly
I was afraid to be alone
Now I'm scared thats how I'd like to be
All these faces none the same
How can there be so many personalities
So many lifeless empty hands
So many hearts in great demand
And now my sorrow seems so far away
Until I'm taken by these bolts of pain
But I turn them off and tuck them away
'till these rainy days that make them stay
And then I'll cry so hard to these sad songs
And the words still ring, once here now gone
And they echo through my head everyday
And I dont think they'll ever go away
Just like thinking of your childhood home
But we cant go back we're on our own
But i'm about to give this one more shot
And find it in myself
I'll find it in myself
So were speeding towards that time of year
To the day that marks that you're not here
And i think I'll want to be alone
So please understand if I dont answer the phone
I'll just sit and stare at my deep blue walls
Until I can see nothing at all
Only particles some fast some slow
All my eyes can see is all I know
But I'm about to give this one more shot
And find it in myself
I'll find it in myself

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