Research the term "millennials" and you'll find mixed opinions about my generation. However, the terms most commonly affiliated with millennials are narcissistic, entitled, impractical, wishy-washy, etc. Millennials are known for being digital natives having grown up with technology at their fingertips.

Born in 1986, technically I can be considered a millennial, but I consider myself a failed millennial. Selfies, participation awards, personal acceptance of all ideas/beliefs, constant Tweeting/Snapchatting/Pinning/Tumbler-ing/Vine-ing--these are NOT my jam. I'm easily overwhelmed by the clamor of social media. I'm drawn more to introversion than extroversion (though, as an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, I'm easily confused as an extrovert). I'd rather punch myself in the face than own a selfie-stick. I like "old" things--like handwritten notes, sweater vests, reading the newspaper. and calling people "folks."

I like to think that my writing on here reflects my self-proclaimed status as a failed millennial. While this blog has morphed over the last eight years, now I primarily write about parenting, faith, relationships, adoption/foster care, infertility, and living.

Personally, I am a mother to two hilarious and resilient school-agers adopted through foster care. J is two months and one day older than his sister, K. I am a wife to my best friend, Nate--a music teacher and overall good guy who encourages me to pursue my passions. And most importantly, I'm a Christ-follower who does her best to live out the gospel.

Professionally, I am a former high school English teacher who switched careers to accommodate my new life as a mom. Currently, I'm a part-time Writing Coach at a local community college and part-time freelance writer. My writing has appeared on a gaggle of generous sites including Adoptive Families, The Forgotten InitiativeHer View From Home The Huffington Post, The Mighty, Parent.co, Sammiches and Pysch Meds, and Scary Mommy.

Thanks for stopping by whether intentionally or accidentally. Feel free to snoop around a bit (don't judge me on the really old posts...I thought Pandora was SO. FREAKING. COOL when I found it back in 2008, and I'm sure I wrote at least four posts about it). Leave a comment, share a post with your pals, and hit up my social media pages to "follow" or "like" them because it boosts my dwindling self-esteem. You can reach me via email at afailedmillennial@gmail.com if you have burning questions, post ideas, etc.


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