New Idea...

My weekend mornings usually consist of waking up, making a big breakfast along with coffee, and putting on NPR and Pandora---these all keep me company as I read through the blogs on my Google Reader account, catch up on the weekly news, watch TED Talks videos, listen to podcasts from NPR that I may have missed during the week, etc. Most of what I read on the weekends deal with education---technology innovation, education reform, education policy, Language Arts education, etc.

Today I followed the same routine. I actually opened up my Blogger to compose an inquisitive post about the Anthony Weiner scandal you've undoubtedly heard much about---but somehow I got sidetracked and found myself reading Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog. The most recent post featured a guest blogger from Scottsbluff, Nebraska---just two hours west of us. Intrigued by the closeness in proximity I have to this guest blogger on a major, award winning blog site, I followed a link to her blog, Nebraska Change Agent. After skimming through her posts and nosing around her blog, I found myself at a blog titled The Principal of Change created by a K-12 principal from Canada. I eventually had to tear myself away from the computer for a coffee refill. And as I refilled my coffee cup I thought to myself: I love this. I love reading work from passionate educators.

When I look around at other educators (including myself at times) I see so many frazzled, burnt-out, under-resourced teachers. I think one way to help with this is to provide teachers with a way to stay connected to one another and to resources that would help them. So, I had this idea: Why not use my enjoyment of gathering these resources as a way to help staff in my district? This morning I sent an email to my administrators and our tech. staff to see if I could create a blog that would gather K-12 technology resources, sources for professional development, information on education reform, etc. that is linked to our district's webpage. The great thing about blogs is they can be a place for virtual discussion as well---so it could also serve as a place for teachers in our district (and maybe even surrounding districts) to collaborate, ask questions, throw out ideas, etc. I'm waiting for the okay; if I get it--I will be sure to link the website to this personal blog just in case you're interested!

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