As I went about my business doing housework today, I got to thinking about my husband and how great he is. Actually---great is an understatement---but a stronger adjective escapes me at the moment.

I am in awe by this guy. Here's just a couple reasons why (if I listed them all--this post would be insanely long):

  • His hard working nature---if you know Nate, you know that he works hard. He is committed 100% to his students and always tries his hardest to do what is best for them. It's really inspiring to me. Though he won't admit it, he's had great success in his job. Each year he's been teaching he's had students selected for multiple honor choirs and this week he was asked to hold a leadership position with the Nebraska Choral Directors Association. For the past two years he's been working on a Master's Degree in Music Education from UNL so he can better himself as a teacher. Not only does he work hard at his job, he works hard at home, too. Whether it's yard work, dish duty, paying the bills, etc---if it needs done, Nate does it. I'm so blessed to have a husband who shares in the housework load.
  • His support---I give him crap a lot for not being as sentimental as he was when we were dating, but he really is a sincere and supportive guy with a big heart. The past three years have been rough as we've struggled with the emotions of infertility. But Nate has never once made me feel like my emotions are too extreme or over the top, and he's always been willing to listen or hold me when all I can do is cry. He's also been so supportive with me this year as I've taken many steps (which inevitably means more commitments) to further my career. He's the one person in my life who I know I can count on 100%. Not only is he supportive of me, but I also see him lend this same commitment to his family. His mom, sister, brother, brother in-law, nieces and nephew are so important to him. Though we live far away and don't always get to be at every celebration or get-together---he tries hard to make sure these people know he cares for and loves them very much.
I am so blessed to have him by my side!

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Amy said...

I agree...he is a pretty amazing and inspiring person. I am pretty lucky to have him as my brother!