Flatwater Music Festival

On Saturday night we headed to Hastings to check out the Flatwater Music Festival held at Prairie Loft. A few weeks back, I had spotted a flier hanging in the charming Backalley Bakery. I scribbled the dates down in my pocket notebook, and after doing a little research, we decided to check it out. I have to say, I'm glad we attended.

The festival was more than just a concert---they had an art show, local vendors (including Thunderhead Brewery!), and classes taught by musicians from the different performing groups. We saw signs for classes on clogging, hamboning, yodeling, mandolin, and banjo...how cool is that?!?

We only attended the festival on Saturday night, but enjoyed every minute of it. We caught the tail end of the bluegrass band Two Thin Dimes (amazing!), and listened to Spring Creek (another incredible bluegrass band) and classic country band, Bonnie & The Clydes. Another highlight of the night was spotting a baby raccoon on a leash. I became infatuated with this unusual pet and had to go pet it---so we took pictures with the adorable raccoon.

If you're a music lover, consider attending next year's Flatwater Music Festival in Hatings; you won't be disappointed!

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Huskerbabe said...

My daughter went last year, of course she lives very near. I love, love the BackAlley Bakery. If I had an opportunity that is exactly the kind of restaurant I would open here. (sigh)

Oh, what is hamboning?