My mom

Me, my mom and my brother's girlfriend at Christmas time

At our house on Sunday night...

My mom is the best mom ever...seriously, she rocks. Here's one reason why:

A few weeks ago I was talking to my mom about how stressed I was with musical, school, grad classes and our adoption, so on Sunday afternoon she drove four hours to come see our musical. When we came home from striking the set, she had the table set and an amazing dinner and desert waiting for us. Then...she took Monday off so she could clean our house to help us prepare for our home inspection for our adoption! She left this afternoon while we were at school, but when I came home---the house was spotless, the table was set and dinner was in the crock pot. What a great woman with a servant's heart; a great example as we prepare to hopefully start our own family!

Thanks mom for all of your help!


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Your comments of your sweet, caring mom make my heart fill with complete happiness and joy. I ache for my own mother everyday and am so glad you cherish yours so.

Elissa said...

Aren't great moms the best? I remember having a similar meltdown moment to my mom over the phone when Patrick and I were first married and fulltime students...it was finals week and the dirty dishes were taking over my world...I cried to her on the phone all the way driving to Kearney to class and when I came home my kitchen was spotless. Love it...we are so blessed!