More Interaction, Opportunities and Motivation Through Google

In this session participants will be taken through life in a secondary classroom that has "gone Google." We will explore and discuss the processes and problems of moving assignments and your classroom online using tools like Blogger, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Reader.

This is what I'll be presenting at the NETA conference in Omaha in a few weeks. I actually submitted a proposal to present back in December and received the dreaded rejection letter in February (a director once told me that if you didn't have enough rejection letters to wallpaper your walls, you weren't trying hard enough!). But...I received an email yesterday asking if I would still be willing to present at the conference because someone had backed out. Of course, I said yes! Second-best is still okay in my book, especially with an opportunity like this :)

So...if you're attending the NETA conference, be sure to check out my session on Friday at 2:30!

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