An April Snow Day!

Thursday afternoon/evening/night we got dumped on with the most varied of weather conditions: rain, snow, thunder, and lightening. It was pretty incredible, actually. I took this photo Thursday evening; by Friday morning we had even more snow than this and the wind had picked up. At 6:15 both of our phones rang announcing that we had a snow day! Before we even answered the phones, we cheered.

So here's what we did on our snow day:

-Breakfast at the Sale Barn (they have AMAZING food, but we never get to eat there b/c they're only open during the weekdays from early in the morning until 2)
-Offroading in the Jeep
-Two hour nap
-Ate lunch
-Watched an insane TV
-Did a little bit of work
-Caught up with an old friend who also had a snow day
-Read a book

Now I'd like the weather to warm up enough to clear the streets of all the snow, slush and water so I can squeeze in my 8 miler today!

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