Donuts, coffee, and loads of new teaching materials...I love teaching workshops! I've been to quite a few so far this year. For the next two days, I will be at the 6 Traits Writing workshop in North Platte.

Today we looked at all the traits of 6 trait writing and then did a few activities that we could use in our own classrooms. I know this probably sounds like a bore to most of you :) But it really was quite fun. One activity we did was to think of our favorite space and then to complete the following sentences:
In this space I see....hear...smell...taste...feel

Then we had time to elaborate on our sentences. I kind of liked what I wrote, so I thought I would share it. Well, hope all is well...Nate has his high school concert tonight, so I will post more photos later!

Until then,

Our House
I see hardwood floors scuffed from years of movement. I see the crack at the top of our blinds from when the dog, standing on the back of the couch, saw a person walking past the house and began scratching frantically at the window and blinds. I hear the dog barking (probably because someone is again walking by....how dare them!) and my husband singing the bass line to "Sleep" by Eric Whitacre, the piece his Chamber Chorale is most struggling with at the present moment. It sounds spotty and out of place because if you have heard any Eric Whitacre, you know there are usually at least eight different voice parts at any given time. I taste dark roast coffee and Kit-Kat bars...my comfort food for the past few weeks. I smell the apple cinnamon candles we bought to drown out the weird smell that came from one of our closets in our first apartment. I smell this mornings coffee; the leftovers will sit in the pot for another day--not because I'm lazy, but because I like the smell. I feel cold because we haven't kicked on the heater yet, but cozy...knowing that it (our home) is ours.


Krecklow's said...

I love to read your writing. :) By the way.. Sampson is so cute!

Amy said...


Nate said...

your writing is beautiful...but you're not allowed to write about me without permission! I love you!