OMS Fall Concert

Nate has his first concert here in Ogallala under his belt! The middle school choirs did a fantastic job tonight...those kids are VERY talented! He had a small group of 6th graders, a 7th grade group, an 8th grade group, and a show choir. The show choir is the group with the orange, yellow, and red t-shirts. The large group photo is of all of the choirs, and the small group is the 6th grade. I don't know if you can tell, but Nate was actually on his phone for this photo :) He had a student call him (thanks, Zach :) at the start of the concert so he could do a a little spoor on concert ettiquete. Always the funny guy ;) Anyway...I was very proud of him and his choirs. It is always so fun to watch him conduct...he really gets into it!
We have the high school concert tomorrow evening, I'll be sure to take photos and report back!

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Amy said...

We are so sad that we cannot make his concerts this year. =( Nine hours round-trip is just too far to drive in one night. I am so glad it went well. I know Nate will do great things there!!!