So this post is exactly as the title implies...a mish-mash of photos and comments :)

As you can see, Sampson's hair is slowly growing back! However, we think that while waiting for his hair to grow back, he has morphed into a cat. His new favorite spot is on the back of our couch...just like a cat.
We have been busy...as the picture of us working implies :) but have been enjoying the cool fall weather. I've made several pots of soup already....I tend to go a little overboard with soup very early in the fall. Here is a photo of me with a bowl of tomato soup...it matches my shirt..I know, I'm nerdy...but, hey...we live in a small town, we have to find some form of entertainment!
Anyway...things are going well. We're both trying to stay sane during these very busy times...we are looking forward to Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is doing well...have a fabulous week!
Until next time,

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Amy said...

You two look like the most excited couple I have ever met! =) I am glad someone else is spending evenings working. Gotta love the teaching profession! No really...I do!