So, I am sitting at a round table in a gym full of teachers...can you guess where I am??? If you guessed Parent-Teacher's Conferences, then see me for a prize! Haha....actually, there will be no prize given today...sorry.

Anyway, yes, I am at my first PTC until 8 tonight and tomorrow from 8-11. I am a little anxious, but I am excited to meet all of the parents. My kids are all great, so I am not worried. However, I do tend to st-st-stutter when I am nervous....so we'll see how that goes :) Well, wish me luck...I'll report back when they are over!


Amy said...

Hope your first Parent-Teacher Conferences went well tonight. They do get easier each year! Can't wait to hear some of your stories!

Nate said...

I know your PTC went great because you are a GREAT teacher! Love you