It's a chilly Sunday afternoon here in Og. We are doing our usual Sunday activities...planning for the next week of school! We don't mind lesson planning because we both love teaching and we both enjoy our content area...but sometimes we do wish that we could just nap all day :)

One thing that makes planning easier is Pandora.com. Most of you have probably heard of this wonderful website before, but for those of you who haven't...I suggest you check it out. It is great...you can create custom made on-line radio stations. You can type in artists or songs you enjoy and the website will play that artist and all related artists. You can also "thumbs-up" a song or "thumbs-down" a song.

Nate and I both use Pandora regularly. I frequently use it in my classroom. I try to have music playing everyday when my kids walk into my class. They do a "bell-ringer" activity for the first 5-10 minutes (vocab, correcting sentences, etc) so I can take attendance and pull out the necessary handouts. I think the music helps them ease into the class...I also play music when they are completing seat work. Of course, sometimes I forget, but the kids will often request music :) Music really is a common ground for me and them.

Well, back to planning. I have my last observation for student teaching tomorrow and only 6 more weeks until I can start getting paid to teach! Nate and I had a fun trip to North Platte yesterday, I will try to post pictures from that trip later tonight :)
Until then,

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Nate said...

Look at you putting a picture of pandora on your blog..how fancy! I can't wait until thanksgiving break!