To-Do in 2011

New year's resolutions suck. I hate making them because I never keep them and they are so cliche. But........I am such a list person....I can't fight it. I make at least two lists everyday because it keeps me organized and focused. So I will fall victim to the cliche by creating yet another list--a to-do list for 2011:

1. Deepen my spiritual life and relationship with Christ.
2. Work on eliminating my need to seek man's approval.
3. Invest in people.
4. Read more--especially fiction. So much of what I read is educational philosophy and though I love it, I want to indulge myself with non-work/school related material.
5. Finish my Master's degree---that includes choosing a thesis topic and (yikes!) writing my thesis (I'm terrified of this....).
6. Play more guitar.
7. Run two more half-marathons.
8. Figure out what to do with my life---the more I think about it, the more I wonder if teaching high school is the career for me.
9. Put work aside to focus on more important things---faith, marriage, relationships, etc. I'm going to try and set a goal to leave school by 4 (on days that I'm not coaching).
10. Enjoy life.

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