NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts: The Low Anthem

Since stumbling across NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts last year, I've been hooked. I've learned of so many great bands, and the podcasts I've downloaded onto my iPod have provided me with hours of entertainment on long car rides and flights and have lulled me to sleep while in unfamiliar places.

On our way to Lincoln on Saturday I watched the Tiny Desk Concert the Low Anthem played back in January of 2010. The concert is hauntingly beautiful. The songs are comforable, soothing, and a bit sad. I think I've listened to it at least five times in the past 36 hours. It's what helped me fall asleep last night and it's what is playing now as I wind down from a long weekend.

This concert is one you really have to watch---the band isn't particularly charasmatic, but they play such diverse and unique instruments. The first song is simple with a clarinet, an upright bass, and a guitar. The second tune features an unidentifable horn instrument and sound effects formed by two cell phones, while the last includes upright bass, synth, harmonica, and some sort of cymbals.

I tried to upload the video, but after an hour of a spinning wheel, I decided to cancel it. Watching this is definitely worth all 13 minutes and 39 seconds of your time. Just a side note--if you're offended by curse words or have small children around you, you'll want to skip over the second song (though it really is moving).

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