Last semester I attended a New Teacher Workshop Series at ESU 16. If we attended all of them, the ESU gave us a sub for two days so we can observe area teachers. So, today I drove to Thedford, Nebraska to observe a Language Arts teacher (Jane) at Thedford-Sandhills High School/Junior High. One of the staff developers at the ESU recommended that I visit Jane's classroom and I am so glad I did! She is a great teacher who is balancing quite the load. She is teaching 7-12 English, is the yearbook advisor, and is coaching speech. She has also played a huge part in implementing a school-wide reading intervention program called FAME. She also has a family and drives nearly 40 miles one way, everyday, to work! This woman was truly inspiring to me!

Thedford is 2 hours Northeast of Ogallala and is in Central Time, so it really was quite the trek. To put it into perspective, Thedford is only 45 min. from Valentine, Nebraska and is only 15 minutes from Halsey (another Nebraska gem). However, the scene was breathtaking. I wish I could say that I took these photos...I did not. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me. These photos are pulled from the internet, but they are all things I saw today. It was even more gorgeous because there was a thin layer of white snow covering the Sandhills. Nebraska is truly an underappreciated state. Moving out west has really opened my eyes to the hidden wonders of Nebraska.

The drive up and back was so relaxing. It reminded me of how much I love driving :) I was able to listen to some great music, think without interruption, and spend some good time in prayer. It is so hard to take time to do all of these things in "normal" life...but today made me realize how important it is to make time for these.

Anyway...time to get ready for bed :) Enjoy the photos!

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