Our local movie theater and our church sponsored a free showing of the movie Fireproof today. Friends of ours (Hannah and Shaun) saw the movie a few weeks ago and spoke very highly of it. So, we decided to give it a try...and I am so glad we went to it. I went spoil the movie for anyone, but it is a great testament as to why we need God in our marriages and what happens when we let Him in. There are even several books, devotionals, and study guides to help apply what this movie teaches. If you are looking for a great, family-friendly movie...I suggest you check this one out. I give it 2 thumbs up!


tracy krecklow said...

Everyone that I have spoken to about this movie has given it great reviews. Our church is hosting a viewing in a couple of weeks followed by an eight week study on the "dare?" I have already told Tyler that we will be attending.. Hehehe.. :)

Danielle said...

Good for you! It is SOOO great!!!