New Song...

As I was driving to Grant at 6:15 this morning (I know...it's a Saturday....but we were hosting a speech meet today), a new song that I had never heard before came on the radio. The radio host played a short interview clip with this young woman and I was captivated by her response. She mentioned that many times, as believers, we are wrapped up in trying to be perfect. In reality, we are flawed human beings....we can't be perfect. We need to embrace what we are in Christ. I heard this song three times today...once on the way to Grant, once on the way home from Grant, and once at church this evening! I figured that was a sign that I should look up the lyrics and try to find an audio clip of the song...so if you're interested, check out this link. I believe this is her website....it has the song lyrics and an audio clip....enjoy!


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