The Nebesniaks Visit Ogallala!

Deni watching Nate get another gutter ball!
Nate and Pat beginning the framing.

When we got home from our Christmas travels, Amy, Pat, Denelle, and Miles came to Ogallala to get a taste of small town living. They came up on the 28th and left yesterday...so we got to spend some good time with them.

Sunday: Nebsniaks arrived...Miles freaked out because we have wood floors...his worst nightmare!
Monday: Pat and Nate began working on our basement. Amy, Denelle, and I visited the local hotspots: Pamida and Safeway...Denelle concluded that Safeways bathrooms are not acceptable! Haha....I agree :) We all took a trip to visit Ole's in Paxton. Deni got to see all of the animals while Nate had a burger drenched in chili (gross).
Tuesday: Pat and Nate continued their efforts on the basement while Amy and I work on school stuff...not much to do in a small town during the day (we had already visted Pamida and Safeway!) :) When evening came, we decided to try our hand at bowling. It is a very retro bowling alley and we were the only ones there for a long time...I think Nate bowled his worst game ever...Deni beat him!
Wednesday: Nate and Pat finished their work on the basement...the framing is now completed and the lights are hung! We then headed to Grant to visit a puppy farm! We saw many beautiful dogs, including Saint Bernards. We took a tour of my school and ate some local cuisine at Benchwarmers. We then came home to nap and prepare for our ballin' New Years Eve party. New Years Eve brought tons of fun with the card game Canasta, party favors, and 4 bags of candy.
Thursday: Nebesniaks head back to Lincoln-land...Miles is ready to be on carpet!

Thanks for visiting us and for helping us with our basement!

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Amy said...

We had a great time! You don't give Pamida and Safeway enough credit! And you forgot to mention the alien watertower!