Year four= just beginning

Today my classroom, room 116, was filled with pubescent freshmen---their energy and nerves hanging thick in the air like mosquito repellent.

Today I started my fourth year of teaching. I can't believe it. Last week I was not ready to start; I dragged my feet this summer getting work done, and have really questioned my career path. But once the first group of students timidly walked through my doors, I lit up. Watching their nerves slowly fade and their bodies relax as much as they could in those painfully uncomfortable desks was incredible. I'm anxious to get past the rules, expectations, policies, and procedures part of the year and move into the meat and potatoes of my job: teaching English, hopefully sparking a fire for learning, writing, thinking, questioning, and doing all at the same time.

It's only 8:53 PM here...but, we hit a wall of exhaustion an hour ago. It's tough getting back into a routine. So, I think it's time to crack open a book and read myself to sleep. For all you teachers out there---enjoy this year. Savor the challenges, seek out more ways to grow, and celebrate the success along the way.

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