Home updates

On Thursday we headed to the new IKEA near Denver. It. was. awesome. We spent an entire afternoon walking through showrooms and adding to our wish lists. We did, however, come out with a Subaru full of stuff: a bookshelf, a desk, and some kitchen storage items. Yesterday Nate and I spent the entire day putting together furniture, cleaning out our spare room, and moving boxes and boxes of books from upstairs to downstairs (and for the record---we should've bought a bigger bookshelf. Our new one is packed with no spare room---so, we'll have to buy another!)

The spare room was once an office and is now a spare room (really...it's more of a wanna-be baby room) with a love seat, rocking chair, and a few near empty book cases. Hopefully we have it cleaned out enough so that if we do get a call to pick up a baby, the transition will be as easy as possible.

So here are two photos of our finished product. It's now my favorite nook in the house!

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Amy said...

Ooohhhh! I love it! Makes we want to buy some new ikea furniture!