Social Action Project Update 3

It's time to turn the heat up on the social action projects.

Three out of four of my English 9 classes composed professional business letters inviting community members to attend our project night next week (one class is missing out on this lesson because of all the late starts we've had...sad). So in addition to the letters I sent out to parents/guardians last week informing them of the event, nearly 55 letters went out today composed by students requesting that others come to the event as well.

Today I told my students that KNOP News from North Platte, the Keith County News (our local newspaper), and KOGA (our local radio station) are all covering our project night in some form. On a whim, I sent an email to KNOP News last night explaining what the kids are doing and asking if anyone could come interview a few kids. Through a series of emails this morning, we worked it out so a reporter will come to one of my classes next Thursday to interview students. One of the local news reporters is also coming next Tuesday to interview more students for our community's newspaper.

It was cool to see the kids' reactions. This is a big deal for many of them! I really hope this added pressure just causes them to kick it up a few notches and really invest in their projects.

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Amy said...

Wow...that sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck to you and your students next week.