The Swell Season

Note: This is an adaptation of a an earlier post--I tried embedding the video from NPR to my blog--it worked for a few weeks and then started playing some crazy, annoying song whenever I opened my blog. So...I took the video off :( If you want to hear The Swell Season (which I highly recommend you listen to), click on this link.

If you haven't experienced NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts--you are missing out. I love these intimate performances by a wide variety of musicians. Tonight I choose an older concert to watch--The Swell Season. I am having a hard time describing what it is I like about this duo. They are extremely endearing---maybe its Glen Hansard's Irish humor and the fact that he plays on an old, beat up guitar or Czech singer and instrumentalist Market Irglova's shyness that draw me in. I am a sucker for people who wear their hearts on their sleeves---it seems that The Swell Season does just that when they perform. Listening to them sing is like listening to them reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. It's intimate and beautiful.

A few weeks ago Nate and I watched the movie "Once." The movie kept popping up on the ad bar in my Pandora account a few months back, and I had found the video in the $5 bin at Alco here in town this spring. We finally got around to watching it--it features The Swell Season's Hansard and Irglova. It's a simple movie set in Dublin and it follows the two as they meet and begin making music together and eventually end up parting. The movie is enchanting and has converted me to a fan of The Swell Season.

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