Poland Update

It's one week until we fly out for our missions trip to Poland. Each time I see people around town they always ask, "Well, are you ready?" I've always responded with a stressed-out, "I think so." Today I'm feeling different. I don't have a clue as to what level or ages of students I'll have in English class, I don't feel completely confident in my abilities to lead a Bible study made up of English speakers--not to mention a mix of Polish and English speakers, the thought of flying in a plane for the first time freaks me out, I don't have my testimony written, and I still don't feel totally prepared for school (it starts 2 days after we get back). But--I am ready to go. Of course I have apprehensions, but my desires and readiness to immerse myself in a new culture and love people completely overshadow any shade of doubt.

Last night as I cooked dinner I put on some Caedmon's Call--we saw this band along with solo performances from Derek Webb perform at Lincoln Berean a few years ago. They are fantastic. At the concert though they talked a lot about the short-term missions trips (particularly India) that gave them opportunities to serve and a new outlook on life. So as I cooked, I listened to songs they played at their concert and found myself listening to "Two Weeks in Africa" and "Share The Well" over and over:

There is one message that sticks out to me in both songs: we can ALL serve. I believe that going overseas to serve is something each person should experience at some point in their lives, but we don't all have to go to Africa, Poland, or India. There are plenty of needs right here in the United States...or even, dare I say it, Nebraska! Your faith status doesn't matter---you're economic status doesn't matter--you're career path doesn't matter--your age doesn't matter (we have an 8th grader from our church in Poland right now, serving and loving the Polish people). We are all capable of loving and serving one another. Here's a perfect example:
Earlier this week I received an email from my sister in-law, Amy. She said that she was talking to Deni (her 4 year old daughter) about our trip when they came up with the idea to buy children's books about Jesus to send with us to give to kids or parents. Amy took Deni shopping and they picked out a book together, bought three copies, and sent them to us. This little girl is 4--and though she may not fully understand missions, she knows that she's telling people about Jesus. She's doing her part and serving how she can. Everyone can serve. It's my goal this year to do more of it right here at home.

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