Summer so far

The best way to describe this summer so far: whirlwind. Luckily we are all moved and are fairly settled in our friends' basement. I'm starting to develop a manageable routine with the summer class I'm co-facilitating. This week was exhausting. It was the first week of class, so there was a lot of prep work up front. I was trying to balance 30 miles or running a week (yeah, that's an unrealistic bench mark with my current schedule!), with about ten hours of total in-car time, 17.5 hours of in class time, and about 20 hours of class work---it's been intense around here. We've had many late nights and early mornings that all pounded me yesterday. When we got back to Omaha I crashed for two hours; it was much needed. Even though it's been tiring, there have been a few perks:
  • I love the class I'm helping with right now. The teachers I'm surrounded by are intelligent, creative, and intentional. It's a true breath of fresh air.
  • We tend to have late night chats with our housemates Amee and Micah. We sort of lost touch over the past few years, so it's great to pick up where we left of.
  • The bowl of Pad Thai I just shoveled into my mouth was delicious.
  • The writing habit my class encourages has helped me to pound out a few pieces I've been wanting to write all year.
  • The coffee date I had with my husband last week--I'm hoping we can make it a weekly occurrence this summer to give us something to look forward to at the end of a grueling week of courses.
  • It hasn't happened yet, but tomorrow we get to spend the day with our niece and nephew. these two kids always make us laugh, so we enjoy spending time with them.
Now that I've reflected on the perks, I'm off to pound out a major piece of writing this afternoon (I'm working on condensing my 40 page thesis into a 15 page article for publication). Then, I'm taking the evening off to do whatever the heck I want to do :)

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