Piano burning

Before the burn

 Last night we spent the evening burning a piano. No joke. Over the past year or so we've become great friends with Bob and Shannon who own our local music store. A few years ago they started a tradition of burning a useless piano. So last night the piano from our musical last year was the victim. Of course it was awesome to watch a piano burn and then collapse into a heap of ash and iron, but what was more enjoyable was the time spent with so many great people.

I fell asleep last night...er...early this morning...thinking about the friendships we've been blessed with here in Ogallala. When we moved here, we thought we'd never have friends! These people are genuine, honest, hilarious, and a host of other adjectives. Many have become almost like family to us. It will be difficult to leave and say goodbye to these people....

Enough sap. Here are some photos from the evening:

Shannon plays while Bob laughs :)

Yeah, this isn't from the piano burning. Today we frolicked through Meadowlark Hills Lilac Farm in between here and Grant. It was beautiful and smelled so nice!


Kristin said...

The picture really makes me want to go to the lilac farm! And great shots of the piano burning. It was a fun time, wasn't it?

Balie Waldhelm said...

That has to be some sort of blasphemy... ):
Poor piano! All those hours I spent last year making it beautiful... (: Hope you had fun!