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Thought I'd put in a plug for the new blogs I'm following lately...here's sort of an annotated bibliography because I'm nerdy awesome like that:

Nameless Blog
After over a year long hiatus, my husband is blogging again! He's a wise and passionate dude. Lately he's been doing a lot of reflecting about our upcoming job changes, but he also writes about teaching and offers his insights about different books he's reading. His latest post is about realizing that he is a writer.

The Miles in My Shoes
I didn't link this blog because it's private with only invited readers. One of my incredibly talented 9th graders, Micah, started this blog a few weeks ago, and I've enjoyed reading his insights and thoughts. I've learned so much from him already. I'm looking forward to following his writing and keeping in touch with him to see how he grows as a writer and as a person.

The Life and Times of Ava
One of my former OHS students is now an Aurora Huskie (boo!). Having Ava in class last year was an awesome experience. Not only is she an INCREDIBLE writer, she is bubbly, intelligent, hilarious, compassionate, and driven. She started her blog today at our NeWP youth writing festival (more about that later).

Let It Be
This blog is courtesy of another former student. She was in my first class of freshmen at OHS. I remember reading her journal and enjoying each minute of it. One of the best parts of teaching is watching your kids grow and mature--and this is certainly true with Balie. She's growing into a phenomenal woman. Again, I'm excited to "follow" Balie via her blog.

My 366, 000 Words of 2012
And last, but certainly not least, is my running partner's blog. Kristin and I have become great friends over the past 6 months. It will be sad to say goodbye to her this summer. I always enjoy reading what Kristin writes because she is the most genuine person I know and this quality really comes out in her writing.

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