One of my loves...

I love baking. Seriously. I don't do it very often because....well, because there's only two of us, and I typically don't have any occasions to bake for. Nonetheless, I love scouring the internet for recipes (I have a huge cooking folder in my Evernote account!), I love tweaking the ingredient lists to make recipes healthier, and I love eating what I bake.

Today I pulled out one of my aprons (I have three beautiful aprons that were either my grandmother's or great-grandmother's) and whipped up a dozen rhubarb streusel muffins while I listened to NPR's All Things Considered. I had leftover streusel in the freezer from the batch of oatmeal muffins I made last month, so it saved me quite a bit of time. These little dears are delightful---a perfect blend of sweet and tart. So far this summer I've baked German pancakes, oatmeal muffins, homemade brown sugar and cinnamon poptarts as well as Nutella poptarts (both were whole wheat!), and rhubarb muffins. I'm surprised I haven't gained weight this summer!

In case you love baking too and want to try out new recipes, here are my go-to websites:


Amy said...

That picture cracks me up!!! If you ever need to unload your baked goods on someone, you know where to look! Have a happy 4th!

The Roberts said...

I love looking for new recipes as well. I have never worn a apron though. Maybe this will help my cooking!