Ben Sollee

This is what I've been listening to and watching for the past week....I'm absolutely captivated by this performance. With just a cello, a cajon, and a violin---these people make breathtaking music. Watch the way Ben Sollee plays the cello; it's certainly not your grandma's cello playing! He creates beautiful rhythms and even plays it like a guitar in the second song. And the way the violinist rocks out, makes me sway to and fro no matter where I'm at. And the last song...oh my. A few days ago I was coloring with my niece and nephew who were just beginning to fight over crayons (despite having a big box of them with plenty to go around) when the very last song came on. They both stopped, looked at the computer screen, and watched. Kael even started to clap along. The song is soothing. Take eleven minutes of your time and watch this video...you won't regret it.

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