My Sunday

It's been a lovely Sunday. This morning I woke early for no particular reason. I rubbed the sand out of my eyes, started a pot of coffee, turned on music, and opened to 2 Samuel. I've been reading through 2 Samuel for a few weeks now, and every bit of David's story intrigues me. As I ate a bowl of oatmeal and pondered over David's story, my mind drifted to my two best friends, both back in our hometown. I checked my email and realized it had been a month since we last emailed--you see, we've had one email thread going for nearly three years now. The subject line reads: Employed! and the first email is Celeste's news of her newly acquired job as a middle school choir teacher in our hometown. The emails have gone far beyond employment. Marriage plans, road trips, pictures of first homes, marriage hardships, pregnancy news, song titles, pieces of scripture, words of encouragement, death announcements, job lamentations, triumphs, infertility woes, book suggestions, and so much more have dotted hundreds of emails sent over 259 miles.

I felt refreshed after sending that short, three paragraph email. My morning went on working away on presentations, grades, applications and emails...and I never grew weary. 3:00 rolled around and I found myself singing with a few friends. Care free and relaxed, we sang, played, and talked. Once home, I made chicken and dumplings---my own new recipe, ingredients haphazardly thrown into a large pot and then hunkered down to read a few Billy Collins poems.

The day has been busy yet peaceful. Now I find myself preparing to crawl in bed and pull the blankets tight to my chin, just the way I like them, to say good-bye to this beautiful day--ready to begin a new one.

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Stu said...

2 Samuel is good reading on David. I wonder what you find most interesting. ?