Leaving on a jet plane...

In about 35 minutes I'll be boarding a plane headed to Little Rock, Arkansas. Currently I'm at DIA fighting the urge to fall asleep! I drove to Denver from Ogallala this morning---took a few wrong turns (I have no sense of direction)---and finally arrived at DIA. I'm headed to the National Writing Project's Rural Sites Network Conference, and though it sounds nerdy--I'm stoked. I'm a geek at heart. Here is what my schedule looks like for the next few days:

Tour of Central High School Museum
Writing Marathon at the River Market
Social and banquet

Sessions all day (I present at 2:15)

Back to Ogallala

I'm ready to learn a lot and experience a little piece of Arkansas!

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Amy said...

Have fun Danielle! Can't wait to hear how it all goes. Good luck at your session...although you don't need luck.