It's the little moments...

During the past few weeks our FBLA members have been selling Spook Suckers--a person can purchase a sucker for a quarter and send it to anyone within the school. There is also a place on the delivery tag to write a little note. I had seen this in the school announcements, but to be honest--I didn't even know our school had FBLA let alone know who was in FBLA! So, I skimmed over the announcement. Today during the last class period the Spook Suckers were delivered. My students started passing them out, and I continued teaching. The bell rang, and as the students filed out of my room, one student shouted, "Mrs. Helzer--those are yours" as he pointed to a pile of tissue wrapped suckers. I took them back to my desk and started reading the delivery tags. All but one were from former students and one was from another teacher...some of them contained thoughtful notes from the kids. Truth is, those dang suckers really made me felt appreciated. It seems really insignificant, but I realized then how something small can really have a huge impact on a person. So...my goal in the next few months is to spend more time thinking about the little things I can do in order to serve others or make people smile.

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