Walking By Faith

Well...I am officially walking by faith. I turned in my letter of resignation from the Perkins County School District last week. It was an extremely tough decision...I truly love my students and hate to leave them, but I had to do what's best for our family. This job has been a heck of a load (not to mention that it is my first year) and has taken a toll on me. I feel drained and burnt out. So, after doing lots of praying and talking, I felt that not renewing my contract with PCS was the decision I had to make. You're probably wondering....well, what are you going to do next year? My answer to that is: I have no blasted idea! Although it seems scary, I know that God has a few things up His sleeve and I can feel Him working things out and I think I am finally at peace.

I will be sure to post about any developments....hope everyone has a great Easter week!


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Amy said...


I am so impressed by your strength and trust. You always need to do what is best for you and your family. Jobs will come and go! Hang in there...God has great things in store for you!

Love, Amy