Influenza B Outbreak...

This just in: PCHS is closed for students tomorrow and Friday due to high illness rates. We have had a high rate of influenza B at our school this week...on Monday we had 36 gone, yesterday we had 41, and as of 11:30 AM today we already had 21 and the number grew as kids began to grow sick. My classroom now smells like a can of aerasol disinfectant spray and the kids are trained to wipe down their desks with sani-wipes when they come in the room. Yesterday I saw a girl walking in the hall with a mask covering her mouth as she went to pick up her homework from teachers. It has been rather crazy around here with all of this sudden illness! I took a computer shot of the beginning of an article on our school that was printed in today's North Platte Telegraph....Needless to say, I am washing my hands frequently, taking my vitamins, and am trying to get lots of sleep!

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