Our Christmas Voyage

As many of you know, Nate and I travel quite a bit for the holidays. We spend time in Omaha with my dad and step-mom, then head to Columbus to spend time with my family, and then hit up Grand Island to spend time with Nate's family. We are currently on destination 2 of 3 so far. We spent time in Kearney/Grand Island for graduation and then headed to Omaha to spend time with my dad and step-mom and our good friends Micah and Amee Yost.

We arrived in Omaha on Sunday morning and went to church at Christ Community with Micah and Amee. After church they had us over for a delicious lunch and to see their new home! The Yosts have moved all over the midwest the past few years, claiming routes in Kearney, Omaha, and Kansas City. Micah found a good job in Council Bluffs, so the two built a house in Omaha and moved in after Amee graduated from KU.

Nate and Micah have been good friends since their good 'ole Nebraskats days...they spent many days in the Fine Arts Building at UNK being best friends with Dr. Cisler ;) and we all sang in the choir together. Nate was the bestman in Micah and Amee's wedding and Micah was a groomsman in ours. We met Amee when she started at UNK...we instantly hit it off and we even played a huge role in their engagement and were both in eachothers weddings. Amee and I enjoyed many coffee and pastry dates while she was at UNK. But the majority of our relationship has been long distance ;) Haha...we talk quite frequently via telephone.

Though we live far, far away from eachother, we have continued to be great friends and hope to continue this friendship for many years. They are a solid, Christian couple who we enjoy very much!

After spending time with the Yosts, we spent a day and a half with my dad and step-mom. We went to the movie Desperoux with them and my step-sister, her husband, and their two beautiful children :) Then on Monday we went to a coffee tasting at Dunn Brother's Coffee and had great conversation over tasty coffees and pastries! We don't get to see them very often, so it was nice to spend the time with them even though it was short.

We are now in Columbus and will then head to GI on Christmas morning....will blog more! Hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

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