Poetry is everywhere...

In my Creative Writing class, my students are learning how to create found poetry. Found poetry requires a person to look for poetry in written or spoken words. In found poetry, the poet gathers a collection of words, phrases, etc. to create into his/her own poem.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I geek out with poetry. It is a true passion of mine. But, in all my years of writing and studying poetry (I've been writing it since I was 11) I have never written a found poem. So, I thought I would try my hand at it today...please be graceful with them, they are a work in progress :)

Life, According to a Coffee House Bathroom Stall
Snippets from a chalkboard in a bathroom stall at the Coffee House
in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska

Life always comes down
to making your own choices

I am the master
of my fate

I am the captain
of my soul

something that brings you closer to complete

Be too happy to be

May your organs
before your dreams

Know thyself

More snippets from the bathroom stall chalkboard at the Coffee
House in Lincoln, Nebraska

there is too much
and not enough
black and white

ours is a World of
Nuclear Giants
Ethical Infants

if I change myself
I change the world

power to the Peaceful

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Amy said...

I don't get it. Maybe your next post should be one explaining what your poetry means. I never was good at English!