Celeste and Hannah

I also spent an evening with my two best friends, Celeste and Hannah this weekend. We have been friends since freshman year of high school. Actually, Hannah was the first person to say hi to me when I moved to Columbus in the 7th grade :) Celeste and I shared a special bond in junior high as well when I let her borrow my plastic, yellow, Pepe coat at a birthday party!

Celeste, Hannah, Autumn McBride, and I started a quartet freshman year and sang together all through high school. We had many good times...lots of sleepovers at Celeste's, choir trips, American government "study sessions," the list could go on....we have grown so close and I am very thankful for these girls. Many high school friends drift apart, but we have managed to stay in touch despite the distance between all three of us. Celeste and her husband Scott have just recently purchased a house in Columbus where she is teaching junior high music (bless her heart!). Hannah and her fiance (soon to be husband!!!) Shaun live in Lincoln where she is finishing up school and working at a shelter. We email one another weekly and get together whenever we can. These girls will always hold a special place in my heart!

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