Our weekend in Lincoln

Nate and I spent last weekend in Lincoln spending time with family and friends. Nate actually had a few middle school students in the Sing Around Nebraska honor choir, so I tagged along with him and spent some quality time at the Coffee House downtown working on school work. The Coffee House is my favorite place to work in Lincoln, it is relaxing, quiet, and inspiring. The coffee is also fabulous!

In addition to spending time downtown, we were able to spend time with Amy, Pat, and Deni. Deni is two years old and has grown up so much. She displayed this when she went to pick out her clothes for the day. I tried to help her get dressed, but she insisted that she wear those pretty pink tights and a blue long sleeve shirt. She did not want to put pants on over her tights. She assured me that the tights would keep her warm and that I shouldn't worry. She has also started talking like crazy! We now have to be careful of what we say because she will repeat anything. For example, Nate told Denelle to call me 'Poopy Pants Elle,' so Deni took this very literal and ran circles around the kitchen table yelling, "POOPY PANTS ELLE, POOPY PANTS ELLE!" She soon realized (on her own, even!) that this was not the right thing to say, so she quit saying it :) She really is a smart girl, we are so proud of the little girl she is growing into. Amy and Pat are amazing parents...we only hope we can be half that good when we become parents.

On our way back to Ogallala on Sunday, we stopped in Grand Island to have lunch with Nate's mom to celebrate her birthday...Happy belated birthday, Linda! Nate's brother Scott and his beautiful little girl, Alexis, joined us for lunch. Alexis is three and is also growing up so fast! This little girl can hold a conversation with the best of them and she has such an imagination. She know has a friend who goes everywhere with her. Her friends name is Hunny, she is 45, has gray hair, and is always the one who is causing trouble! She is such a loving little girl...she asked Nate and I if we would stay with her until Monday. We miss her so much! Scott has done a great job raising Alexis, and you can really tell that she is his pride and joy.

Well, that's all for now! Hope all is well...


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Amy said...

We are so glad we could spend some time with you two. Denelle just adores the both of you...and so do Pat and I. Maybe someday we will live closer! Love you guys!