Reading through the Bible in a year

A few weeks ago I finished my daily Bible reading plan that took me through the Bible in one year. I finished in a year and a few weeks, and I've got to say, it's a good feeling. Prior to this experience I was hesitant to read through certain books of the Old Testament. It's an intimidating chunk of the Bible, and it can be dreadfully boring. I pressed on, though, and though some parts were tedious, it really opened my eyes to see the full picture of Jesus. It's incredible to read through some of the Old Testament prophecies about Christ and then to read about them coming true thousands of years later.

This was a year that I very much needed this consistency in the Word. It was a hectic year filled with trials, and I think without that rock of scripture, I would've floundered way more than I did. My command of scripture still isn't as great as others', but this reading plan definitely helped solidify verses and stories in my mind.

If you haven't noticed, the Bible is a big book. It can be intimidating to know where to start when reading through it, but the reading plan made it so easy to read the Bible: I simply read what the plan stated I should read on that particular day, and it did a nice job of balancing Old Testament with New Testament each day. If you're of the Christian persuasion (or are interested in religion) and you haven't read through the Bible in its entirety, you should (not to sound pushy or anything!). There are tons of reading plans on the internet; I don't think it matters which one you use. Nate just bought a chronologically ordered daily reading Bible that takes him through the Bible in the order which all the events occurred (which is contrary to the typical organization of the Bible by books), so that's another option to check into as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the experience :)


Stu said...

Which was your favorite book/passage in the Old and New Testament?

Just curious.

Kristin said...

I just bought a chronological Bible, too. I love it.
What used to be really dry for me was the list of names, but having read through Bible, reading the names is a lot of fun now, because Jim and I will recall the story behind each name.
And congrats, I know it's a great feeling!

Heart's Cry said...

That is awesome!!! Seeing the big picture of God's Word is such a gift and I'm amazed how disciplined you were to follow your plan through thick and thin!