A mini-philosopher

Ran across this video this morning on NPR. It made me smile. The blogger on NPR who posted this video wrote about how this kid's parents don't have a particular method that lends to such an insightful child. Instead, they simply treat him like he's an intelligent kid who can understand the complexities of life. I've only had a few interactions with young kids, but in my experiences working with little kids (I did run an after school program for elementary kids for one year...it was both terrifying and rewarding),  I've learned that if we talk to them like they're smart people, they'll have smart things to say. This is a humanizing concept. Treat kids like they're intelligent beings. Of course, we shouldn't have unrealistic expectations for our wee ones; they can't talk and act like adults all the time. They'll still do little kid things like pick their nose (gross) and there's room to allow them these little kid "privileges." It always makes me cringe a little when I hear adults talking to kids like they have no brains. So, I guess that's why I like this video so much. It makes me excited to have kids in our home.

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