Snow days

On Wednesday afternoon the snow began falling, and the kids at school began praying for a snow day. By 4:00 the snow was coming down pretty hard. It ended up taking me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home (normally it's a 25-30 minute drive). I took a different route to avoid the after school traffic in Gretna, but when I got on the interstate, there were two accidents, so I got off on the 144th street exit which ended up being a horrible idea. Apparently 144th street at 4:30 is the road everyone in Omaha takes to get home. Not only was traffic terrible, the roads were awful. Thus, I spent nearly two hours in the car on Wednesday night. Fortunately, all the Metro area schools were cancelled on Thursday. Gretna received a whopping 10 inches of snow, while most of Omaha received 8-9 inches.

Yesterday the snow was drifted around the cars in our apartment parking lot and many cars were stuck haphazardly throughout the lot, so we couldn't leave. We spent the morning drinking coffee, grading papers, and watching my favorite Christmas movie: It's a Wonderful Life by the fire. Nate scooped the apartment sidewalk and helped a few people dig out their cars since our complex didn't get plowed until late afternoon. We ventured out to Target later to pick up a few gifts for a family we are buying for through our church (luckily we have one all wheel drive vehicle because many cars were stuck throughout 144th street), and we spent the evening wrapping those presents and watching Charlie Brown cartoons while drinking hot chocolate with candy canes as stirrers. Cliche snow day :)

I was blessed enough to receive a second snow day today! This morning I spent some good time reading the Bible and praying, I caught up on some much needed apartment cleaning, and later today I will continue chipping away at the pile of end of semester essays and projects, read, play guitar, and spend some time writing. I can't wait.

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Sounds like an amazing day...