Upcoming changes

This week we began packing up our house here in Ogallala :( and we're busy planning our big move across the great state of Nebraska. As I mentioned in a post long ago, we'll be moving to the Omaha area this summer. I accepted a position teaching high school English at Gretna, and Nate accepted a position on Thursday teaching high school choir at Omaha Burke. Though we're excited about the move (especially since we both have jobs now!), it's been a difficult week. I guess I didn't realize how soon we'd have to move in order to be in the east before our last summer of classes start up on June 4th. I just don't feel like I've had enough time with friends and our students here in O-town. It will definitely be hard to say good-bye to many people here.

What's cool about this move is to watch God work it all out. I accepted my new position long before Nate even began applying for jobs in that area. After praying about the job offer, we knew it was a good position for me and we just felt God nudging us to take a step of faith. We knew He'd take care of us in whatever way He saw fit. That's not to say that it wasn't a tad stressful thinking about what we'd do if only one of us had a steady income! But it has been cool to watch God unfold things before us. We're still praying that the right buyer comes along for our house. It looks as if we'll be staying with some old, dear friends of ours from our college years. They're awesome people and brothers and sisters in Christ. And while it might be a fun experience for awhile, we certainly don't want to wear out our welcome...and we'd like to be in our own home at some point. But I'm not sure we can financially make that work if we still own a home here. Fortunately, we've had some traffic through our cute, little abode. If you're the praying type, throw up a few that we'd be blessed with patience as we wait for God to unfold His plans even more for us. I know there are many people praying for us now, so if you're one of them, thanks for your support.

For now, I'll leave you with a few of the homes I've had my eye on :) Here's one near Elkhorn, so it would be about an equal commute for both Nate and me. I LOVE the kitchen and living room area. This one is in Gretna....almost right across the street from my new school...not sure if I want to commit to that, but it's cute nonetheless!


Kristin said...

I like the first house a lot!

Heart's Cry said...

We will miss you very much. Both of you have inspired so many in this little community. You also lived excellence and passion. That will live on in those students!