Resolution for 2012

2011 was good to us. We developed solid friendships with some locals here in town, were placed on the list of available adoptive parents through Nebraska Children's Home, made bigger strides in developing more conscious lifestyles, and experienced some great successes in our careers. I can't complain!

I have high hopes for 2012 and am looking forward to watching it unfold. Last night we got together with four friends from here in town for dinner. It seemed very celebratory--celebratory of the new year and of our friendship. While we ate, drank good wine, and laughed, the conversation turned towards new years' resolutions. We sort of haphazardly went around the table and shared our resolutions: lose weight, get in shape, and stop smoking were just a few. When it was my turn to share, I found myself at a loss of words (this doesn't happen much). I typically don't declare a resolution for the new year and hadn't really thought about a resolution until that point. Maybe it was the wine, but I cautiously mentioned that I wanted to be less selfish in 2012.

It's not a concrete resolution that can really be measured by anyone other than myself, but I think it's an important goal nonetheless. Over the last few years I've become very self-centered. I put myself first in too many situations to even list off right now. So in 2012, I hope to set my comforts aside more to help others. I hope to be more hospitable, to open my home to more people and serve them. I hope to take some of my focus off furthering my career and focus more on being relational with my colleagues and students.

Hope you've all enjoyed the first few days of 2012 and are reflecting on how to make this year better than the last.

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