Sianara (for now) Facebook

I've been a Facebook user since 2005, but today I deactivated my account for an indefinite amount of time. If you have a Facebook account you may have experienced the hold that it can have over your time. Logging in to read the Newsfeed for a few minutes often turns into an hour wasted. There are benefits to Facebook: it's allowed me to network in my career, stay connected with family and friends, and has given me a break from reality. Unfortunately I am weak and don't have the willpower to just stay logged off, and because of all the commitments I've accepted, I need to maximize my time.

As of now I'm looking forward to the distance. I need time to re-group, and eliminating the distraction of Facebook is (I think) just what I need at the moment. So I guess I'm back to an antiquated form of communication: email.


Pat said...

Yes! But how will you know when your friends are going to the bathroom? Ha! Good Luck

Heart's Cry said...

Way to go! I have done that in the past and probably should again. The boys didn't even have TV or internet until a 2 or 3 years ago. I should have never turned it on!

BTW. Enjoyed the article on Nate!!!

Kristin said...

Danielle, I deleted my account for a while last year so I understand. Please call when you need a running partner, though, I don't know how to get ahold of you otherwise now!