Outstanding Young Choral Director of the Year

Nate and I after he received his award...ignore my cheesy smile!

I spent Friday in Lincoln because my husband received the Nebraska Choral Directors Association Young Choral Director of the Year award! A good friend of mine from high school and her dad (both are choir teachers) nominated him for the award and worked to gather all the letters of recommendation which I'm sure is time consuming work. I truly believe Nate is deserving of this award. He works tirelessly to place his students first in his job--politics are not a priority for him and furthering his career takes a backseat to doing what's best for his students. He doesn't get a lot of recognition for his job, and I think he has sometimes felt undervalued. But he is amazing! Here's a short list of what he he's done in his six short years of teaching:
  • Directed a K-12 choir program in Elm Creek for two years and a 6-12 choir program (with jazz choir, show choir, and musical) in Ogallala for four years
  • Was a clinician for a middle school music festival in Colorado last year and will be a clinician at two honor choirs this winter
  • Has had several students selected for the All State choir (too many to count!)
  • Took two groups of students to Chicago to perform at various locations
  • Is currently serving as the high school Repertoire and Standards Chair for NCDA and has become active in the organization this year...he is very concerned about supporting young teachers in particular, and does a great job of blogging and maintaining their Facebook page encouraging and promoting intellectual conversations.
  • Almost completed a Master's Degree in Music Education
I'm sure I'm forgetting something! But the list isn't as important as how much he cares about his students. His passion for kids is my inspiration. Watching Nate receive that award was one of my proudest moments as a wife. He's truly deserving of the award! Congrats Nate!

I'm a terrible wife and forgot my camera at home, but my mom was there to snap photos as was Nate's entire family. So, as I get them, I'll post them :)


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Amy said...

Congratulations Nate! We are all so proud of you!! You are very deserving of this award!

Heart's Cry said...

Congratulations! To both of you! Can't have one without the other!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Nate! He was my student teacher at two elementary schools in Columbus & did an amazing job. I knew he would be a phenomenal teacher & feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see him begin this rewarding career. Best Wishes~Stephanie