Why I Run

My sister in-law (Amy), me and Nate after the Lincoln half-marathon this year. We ran it in 2 hours and 5 minutes, 5 minutes under our goal time!

I've been thinking a lot about why I run. I've taken too much time off after the half; a few weeks ago I hit the pavement and the first ten minutes was just plain hell. It hurt so bad. The only thought running through my mind was, Why am I doing this?!? Every thread of my body wanted to stop. To just sit down on the curb, stick my thumb out and hitch a ride home. But instead---I kept going. I clenched my teeth, steadied my pace and put on my determined face. I would finish the scheduled run. I had to. And I did...in great time even. And this is why I run---because I am stubborn. Because I need a challenge. I run because I need to know how hard I can push myself---last year I would've thought that a half-marathon was my limit, but I think I'm up for a new challenge.

So, still living on the runner's high from the marathon, I signed up a team for the Market to Market Relay lottery....and, our team was one of those selected! We've put together an eight person team for our 86 mile relay from the Old Market in Omaha to the Haymarket in Lincoln on October 1st. It should be a fantastic time--we're running with a friend of Nate's from high school and her husband and four other people from the Grant/Ogallala area. Hopefully the event will give me a new challenge and will push me to new limits!

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The Roberts said...

i wish i was a runner. i can hardly run a couple blocks without losing my breath. i keep thinking i need to try, but wimp out. good lucK with the new run you sign up for.