First Week of Summer= Home Projects

This was our first full week of summer. And what did we do?

1. I planted a few veggies and herbs in pots---spinach, cucumbers, dill and chives. I'll soon have a cherry tomato plant that I can grow upside down in a hanging basket--I know; it should be pretty sweet :) My mom came across the handy contraption and is dropping it in the mail this week. I'll have all the basic fixings for a mean salad....

2. We began our kitchen renovation. We painted our cabinets and changed the hardware AND painted one kitchen wall...orange! I LOVE picking out paint colors. In our basement we have a bright green and two shades of gray, our living room sports a dark brown and a khaki, the master bedroom a deep red and khaki and our bathroom is a bright aqua and white. All of the colors are unique---and I love them. :)

Here is a "before" shot of our cabinets:
A "during" shot of the process (and Nate's terrible sunburn):

And a few "after" shots:

Though the green has kind of grown on me, in July we plan on replacing our counter tops with something a little more modern.

Tomorrow we're heading out to Boulder with another couple to do a little shopping and then hike the Isabelle Glacier trail not far from Boulder. I can't wait to get on the trail--even if the temperature is a high of 43 with wind and possible rain!


Anonymous said...

I love the way the kitchen looks, can't wait to see the finished product in July. Since you have so much brown paint, have you thought about painting your back door? Love you Mom

Amy said...

Wow...that looks really great! You are the best at picking out paint colors Danielle!!

Danielle said...

Mom--are you saying you're not diggin' on the blue door?!?

Thanks Amy...if you need colors picked out, I'm your gal :)

Anonymous said...

Well...if you really like it, but it would be a shame to waste ALL that brown paint. Love you Mom