Thoughts for the day

*When did teenagers stop looking like teenagers and start looking older than me? I watched an interview on the Today Show where the hosts were interviewing six teens ranging in age from 14-17 for their segment on teen sex. Every single one of them looked older than they were. Maybe that's why our teen sex rate is so high...

*I believe there is a direct correlation between exercise habits and eating habits. The more we exercise, the more we crave healthy, wholesome foods.

*Hulu.com is by far the greatest website (besides facebook and amazon). Nate and I watched episodes of "Glee" and "Lie To Me" on his laptop while lying in bed.

*Drywall dust never goes away...despite my careful efforts not to track dust all over the house, I found a large pile of drywall dust on our living room floor. I also found paw prints all over the love seat...

*Processed foods make me feel vommitacious (that word is still pending validity from Webster, please use with extreme caution).

*Our society does NOT know how to use apostrophes....and it drives me batty. I don't claim to be a grammarian (nor do I want to be), however when advertisements are noticeably grammatically incorrect, it hurts credibility.

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