I'm back...

After a long hiatus from blogging here, I'm back in the saddle  at the keyboard.  Here's a brief run down of what's taken me away from updating this blog:

  • We've moved....again....for the last time. Seriously. In nine years we've lived in Kearney, Ogallala, Omaha, and now we're in Grand Island...(we've not moved as much as my sister/brother in-law, but we're getting close!). Selling a house, buying a house, and settling into a house is a process. Our new house has a lot of great perks: A giant yard, on a quiet street near the outskirts of town, close to family, and a hot tub (WHAT?!?). There are a lot of updates to do, which is both exciting and miserable. By summertime we hope to lay new flooring in our living room, dining room, and hallway; refinish our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity; and put in a tub surround or tile in our main bathroom. After that, we'll finish our basement. We're excited to start making our house look more like us. If you've got any inclination to help us out, let us know! 
  • We've started new jobs...again. Nate is teaching middle school music at Barr Middle School, and I am working part-time as the Writing Coach at CCC in Hastings. I've worked as a Writing Center Consultant before, but this job is a bit different as I am all by myself here, which means I get to develop this into something, hopefully, significant. The part-time hours have really given me time to be mentally and physically present for the kids and Nate. 
  • I've started a new blog on a different platform that is totally anonymous and allows me to write through the process of adopting two kids from the foster care system. It has been a difficult 12 months, and I needed to be able to process it through writing while still maintaining confidentiality for my kids' sake. If you're interested in reading said blog, shoot me an old fashioned email and I'll send you the link. 
  • This summer I spent a lot of time working on a piece of writing that I sent off to an online magazine....which was rejected (more on that in a later piece!). It sucked to be rejected, but the process of writing and reworking a piece gave me purpose and re-energized me. 
  • And also...parenting. 'Nuff said. 
Alright y'all...that's it. Check back for more frequent insights....(that's my way of holding myself accountable!)

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