Father's Day

I'm told that when Nate was a little boy and was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he responded: "a dad." Finally...his childhood wishes have come true. Today we celebrated his first Father's Day with giving him breakfast: a donut, bacon, and eggs. Jonathan gave him the present he picked out (Ghostbusters 1 and 2). After church we ate at HuHot and then walked off all of that food at Platte River State Park. We ran a few errands and then ended with a walk around the neighborhood. I loved spending the day with my boys, seeing Nate interact with Jon, watching Jon's face light up around Nate. Last year at this time, Jonathan was transitioning to our home with visits throughout the week. During the week of Father's Day, we picked him up from daycare and saw that the kids worked on a project that day for their dads. Jon's was blank. He had nothing to fill in, but he brought it home...empty. Of course, I bawled at the thought that because he didn't have a father he couldn't do the project the other kids were doing. I tucked the unfinished project away, and this year he finished it and gave it to Nate.

I hope all of you dads and father figures out there were celebrated today!

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Amy said...


This is such a neat thing you did for both Nate and Jonathan. I love it! Brought tears to my eyes. You were already such a wonderful mother when you decided to keep that artwork.